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Load Model - Open Dialog

Import Settings


Change the scale factor. This is used if the imported model is too big or small and it depends on the system it was generated from

Working Units

Set the working units in which the fields were exported.

Rotate Y (Degrees)

Flip Y And Z

Merge With Scene

Merge the imported model to the scene.




Tessellation Resolution

Set the tessellation resolution of a 3D file. This is used when importing files with high number of vertices that slows down the system tremendously. 'Restore Defaults' set the resolution to it's original value.

This slider option is designed to meet the needs in which performance is more important than mesh quality and vice-versa. Its calculation will depend upon:
1- Mesh edge length is maximum 1cm.
2- Surface tolerance: In relation to the dimension of the surface, the tolerance will specify the maximum allowed distance between the original surface and the new mesh curvature.
3- Normals tolerance: Specifies the maximum distortion angle from the original surface normals at points on a facet.
Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination



IGES import troubleshooting

Import failed
  1. Check the size of the file. Small files (15-70 KB) cannot be imported.
  2. Check the tesselation resolution of the file. High tessellation resolution value should be reduced.
Import crashed
  1. PDS probably runs out of memory. Even if you decrease the tessellation resolution in the advanced import setting dialog, no crash will occur but you will still receive an error message that the tessellation resolution is too high. Check the content of the file. PDS only needs external surfaces. Exclude all unnecessary internal parts. Re-export file with only the visible parts.

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