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OptiTex Software can drive most Investronica Plotters and Cutters. This document describes the different ways to set up Investronica devices with OptiTex.


Investronica Plotters

Almost all Investronica plotters supports HPGL plot files. Use PLOTWIN application to send the HPGL created in OptiTex to the selected plotter. Plotting methods will differ depending on Investronica's version and on the operation system.

Using Investronica plotters with OptiTex requires:

  • "Wintro" and "Plotwin" applications installed on the computer connected to the plotter.
  • SQL server to be able to use those application.
  • Investronica Hard-Key license plug .

Investronica Invesmark NT and Futura 6 & 7 on Windows NT, 2000 or higher

No need to use the Wintro applciation. Before sending file to the plotters the PLOTWIN application needs to be setup as described bellow:

Setting PLOTWIN For HPGL files

  1. In Plotwin app, open Table in the Plotter menu:
    Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
    PlotWin Configuration
    Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
    Plotter / Table:
  2. Activate "Automatic start" option.
  3. Activate the "Activate HP-GL automatic draw" option:]]
    Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
    HPGL Settings
  4. Click OK.
  5. In My Computer create the Folder TMPHPGL in C: drive, (C:\TMPHPGL)

How To Plot

  1. Create an HPGL file from OptiTex and save it on the disk
  2. Turn ON the plotter
  3. Start Plotwin and click "PLOT". If you have Investronica P2000 plotter, a new window will appear
    Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
    Plotter / Table:
  4. Press the buttons in the following order:
    1. RESET
    3. PHISICAL ORIGIN (wait until the pen will move to the origin)
    • When using a PARTNER plotter, PARTNER application will start in the Task bar.
  5. Copy the HPGL file to the folder C:\TMPHPGL
  6. The Plotter will start plotting, then the file will be removed from the folder.
When facing scaling problems – change the scale factor in OptiTex Plot dialog box or in the PlotWin

Alternative way to plot HPGL file in Invesmark NT 3.2 to 6.xx on Windows NT, 2000 and higher

  1. Use Wintro
  2. Create an HPGL file from OptiTex. Save the HPGL file in Wintro's Default directory (Usually the BIN directory).
  3. Configure Wintro to work with HPGL file. Do it when choosing elements in the queue.
  4. On the upper right corner of Wintro you will find an icon that will locate the HPGL file to plot.
  5. After the file is queued, from PlotWin send the file to the plotter.

Investronica on MS Dos

  • Make sure that you are using MS Dos 6.2
  • Create HPGL file form OptiTex
  • Use the CPPEX program to pick the HPGL file up and send it to plot.
  • To have a direct access to the CPPEX, rename it to PLOTHS. This way you will avoid communication problems.
  • The "Other Plotters" modules are not needed because those plotters are native Investronica plotters

Investronica Cutters

The best format to use with Investronica cutters is Gerber cutting data (ISO files). Choose this format in Optitex plot dialog box before crating the cut file.

Investronica DOS system
make sure that you are using the latest version of Investronica DOS system. Older versions maybe have problem with ISO files.
Investronica windows version
this version uses cutting software called "EASY CUT". The “Easy Cut” software has an option to "Load ISO Files" (under the “Queue” menu). Use this option .This option is a standard option that doesn’t require a special module.

Upgrading from DOS Investronica version to Easy Cut can cause hardware and software problems because the communication protocols was changed. The hardware converter board has to be change. An additional Installation of a new SQL version has to be done in order to support all the previous parameters.

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