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New Online Activation Procedures

After installing OptiTex software, you will be required to activate it using the following procedure(s). You must do this procedure if you have changed computers or if you have formatted your computer, and reinstalled OptiTex.

This procedure refers to SP 10.4 and V11 or later, installed on computers with Internet Connectivity. For earlier versions of OptiTex version 10 and for computers without Internet connection please refer to the Discussion page.

To use a Timer Key with version 10.2 and later, see first the Reset Timer Application.

The following article does not include Network License Activation.

For any troubles during the install, please contact your distributor or local office.

Note that multiple Aladdin network keys cannot be used on a same computer, even if they are for different applications or modules. They must be attached to different computers with separate License Managers  running.


Run license Manager

  1. Plug the Dongle Key in one of your available USB ports. Make sure the red light is on.
  2. Launch the license Manager through: Windows Start> Program Files> OptiTex 10 or OptiTex11> Utilities> License Manager
  3. Click the button Online Activation
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    found on the bottom of the License Manager window
  4. A Warning box will appear informing you that the process may take a minute, click OK to proceed.
  5. A dialog box will pop to inform you the License installed successfully.
US Customers: You will need to send an email to with your key number(s)asking to enable online activation for the first time.

Trouble Shooting

During the Online activation process, some error messages may appear.

Cannot access OptiTex License Server. Online activation requires an active internet connection.

You may have a problem with your internet connection. If the connection is working properly please contact your OptiTex Provider

If your internet setting prevent the activation, you can try to upload your license .req file through
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Error message 1

Online activation has failed due to the following problem - Your key ID could not be located in OptiTex records

Your key number is not listed in OptiTex database. Please contact your OptiTex provider.

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Error message 2

Online activation has failed due to the following problem - Plug number XYZ has exceeded the number of permitted licenses per plug

Usually a regular key has 2 permitted licenses. A timer key has 1 permitted license. Please contact your OptiTex provider to be granted with extra activations.

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Error message 3


  • The license activation is valid only for one single computer and must be used with the specific USB key provided. Using another computer will require a new activation file.
  • You can request activation for multiple computer as long as you move the key from one computer to the other before loading the software.
  • When activating a license on a computer, you must use the same USB key to open the software.


  • If windows does not recognize the key at all. Install the HASP Driver.
  • Make sure OptiTex USB key is plugged to your computer.
  • If the key is plugged and the message is still displayed, then update to the latest USB Hasp driver from the following link :
Download icon
Download a package
Current version
Older version

Read more
  • Download and unzip the file, then run the installation file.

Errors, warnings, information messages


Requirement Action Text Location Probable cause
No Hasp found Display message Error code 1 Message box
  • Missing key, malfunction of the key or driver, driver not installed.
Missing license file Display message Error code 2 Message box
Corrupt license file Display message Error code 3 Message box
  • The current request doesn't match the license file. This is different than the USB key mismatch.
  • If the file was corrupt by email transfer, sending the license in a ZIP archive may solve this.
HW doesn't match Display message Error code 4 Message box
  • The license request is unable to collect the machine information.
  • Different computers were used for generating the request and installing the license.
Key differences Display message Error code 5 Message box
  • The present key is different than the key for which the license was generated.
Missing / corrpupt private key file Display message Error code 6 Message box
Installation- errors of the file system (move/rename/create/append) Display message Error code 7 Message box
  • Missing privileges disable generating or moving files.

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